From an emerging project until the full production, EVOSENS will support and help you at every step.


Feasibility study

Performing a feasibility study before designing and manufacturing a prototype can save time, limit development risk and costs. By the end of the study EVOSENS can manufacture a mockup or a demonstrator to validate the technical concept.

Then, comes the time to define the final specifications and the project definition document. This document contains all details, pictures, descriptions of the possible solution.

Feasability study

Product design


The design department has the capability to work on mechanical, optics, electronics and IT of the whole product. The delivery of every study includes a full design file, simulations results, mechanical layout drawings.

This file is often used to exchange between the client and EVOSENS in order to validate technical solutions for the final product.

Design du produit


EVOSENS will manage the raw materials supplying and will mount the prototypes. The settings and tests are also performed internally and will be compared to the design file in order to be validated. Those prototypes can be tested in real environmental conditions requested by the client and can pass the certification process as the EMC or CE marking.


Assembling and test in clean room


Essential link between prototyping and manufacturing, this industrialization step allows EVOSENS to optimize technically as economically the product and its manufacturing.

The goal is to find the optimum balance between robustness / performances / price before launching the manufacturing.

Assemblage et test en salle blanche


The manufacturing of high quality serial optical systems requires a specific know-how, a great care and performing tools. EVOSENS can manufacture batches up to 1000 pieces per year.

Specific production lines can be set up on demand, in specific rooms, or even clean rooms.

Precise optical system assembly

Liquid crystal lens

Research & Development

EVOSENS in involved in pushing photonics innovation, this is why we participate into collaborative projects as partner or sub-contractor.

The company already did several technical developments, and owns the corresponding IP.

Lentille à cristal liquide

Project management

EVOSENS mission often starts from the early beginning of the project, when the customer has an brilliant idea, and can last until post manufacturing.

EVOSENS manages customers’ projects very carefully during every step and keep the customer aware of the progression.

Project management

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